All I want for Christmas.

I absolutely LOVE Christmas time! It really is the best time of the year. Being that I work at the best place in the world (Macys) my Christmas started wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy early! We had our Holiday Lane up in October and had Christmas music playing right after Halloween. I hate that retail brings on Christmas so fast, I get in my Christmas mood right around Thanksgiving, not to early but not to late. Even though I am 19 I'm blessed to have parents who still buy me multiple presents, my mom actually asked me to write out a list so she would remember what I wanted lol. So yup I wrote my Christmas list out, wanted to make sure she gets everything right. I miss being younger and asking for pretty Barbies and looking through the American Girl catalogue circling everything my American Girl wanted for Christmas. Those were the days =]

Now everything I want is beauty and fashion related! So on to the goodies wish list!

p.s. some of these are going to be my own Christmas presents to myself lol

1. Beauty Rules by Bobbi Brown

While I was watching my favorite beauty guru juicystar07 do a tutorial for a gorgeous purple eye look she mentioned that she was inspired by a picture in this here book. So I went to the Bobbi Brown counter at my job to take a better look at it and I fell in love! It has "fabulous looks, beauty essentials, and life lessons for loving your teens and twenties."

You can find out more about Beauty Rules here.

 2. Popular Shopper Guess Bag in Pink

My favorite area to be in at work is handbags/accessories because I love looking at the super cute bags that we get in stock. When I saw this bag I fell in love! At first I wanted a Coach bag for Christmas but this bag has stolen my heart! It is the best bag ever and it's great for school because it's HUGE! They have a smaller version and honestly I want them both but for now the bigger one is on my wish list. Online it comes in black, silver, and blue but at my job we have black, silver, and PINK! The pink one is the absolute cutest! So that's the one I want but this blue one is really cute too! Hopefully we don't sell out of the pink one because I really, really, REALLY want it!

3. Origins Clean Comforts Gift Set ✓

Last year sometime I won Origins Checks & Balances face wash from a magazine giveaway (sadly can't remember which magazine it was). When I started using it I became addicted because it works so well! I have problem acne and have a hard time finding a good cleanser but Checks & Balances works so good and keeps my face clean and acne under control. My bottle is pretty much empty and I've been itching for more so I really want this gift set, that way I can see if these other products will work for me too. It comes with a full sized Checks & Balances, a small Clear Improvement Active charcoal mask, and small Drink Up Intensive Overnight mask.

4. Ulta Makeup Set

I don't really care which one I get, I just want one lol.

Prices vary,

5. Nikon D3100

Now this one, this here is just an ultimate wish list thing. I didn't put it on my Christmas wish list but I definitely do want one. Oprah listed it as one of her Favorite Things. It is pretty pricey but I'm sure it is definitely worth it. I would love to have a camera like this for my blogging because then my pictures would be perfect!!!!!!! I WILL get this camera eventually but at the moment it will just have to be a wish list thing.

$699, sold at various stores

6. I also really want the puffer coat at Saks that I talked about in this post but I don't know the brand of it so I can't put a picture up =[ Once I figure out the brand I'll make sure to update this post and show you guys the coat and give more detail on it.

What is on your Christmas List this year??
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