Bigger and Better Things Coming =]

Ok so I have been thinking about my blog lately and where exactly I want to go. I really enjoy blogging and reading others blogs also and I am inspired everyday by so many bloggers, there really are some great blogs out there! In this blog world it is so hard to stand out because there are so many great blogs that the small ones don't always get notices. Lately I've been getting great views and expose but I definitely want to keep going up and getting more views and comments. I really do want to set myself aside from your typical beauty/fashion blogger. I love reading about all these expensive brands and shopping at places like Sephora and MAC but I know that not everyone can afford to buy some of those things. So I am on a mission to find the absolute BEST affordable products. Not only makeup products though, I'm talking about anything that qualifies as going into the beauty AND fashion category. ALSO, I will let you all know about sales and amazing deals and coupons that are out therefor you. So stay tuned because I've got great things in store for this blog and I can't wait to show you all!!! =]
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