Hair Journey: Day 3 - Beauty Is My Passion

So today is day three of my HJ and I'm liking it so far but also running into a few, well problems lol I did a braid out for the past 2 days but I'm not sure that it turned out how it should of. To me it looks like a big hot mess!! lol My hair is so thick that it just looks idk how to even describe it. The curls don't really look like curls to me. Idk what to really do with it. I mean I like it still but I wanna find some other looks to do.

My braidout fail lol

I went to Half Priced books today and bought a cosmetology book and nail technician book because I need to study up for a test I'm going to be taking soon. I went to a cosmetology high school and we received 450 credits to use towards getting our license at a beauty school and the school that I will be going to this summer requires me to take a test before I start in order for my credits to transfer. So I want to refresh myself from what I learned over my 4 years of high school so that I can transfer my credits. If the credits transfer then I will be in beauty school much less then the other students. I'm so excited to be starting beauty school!! I wish I would have just went right out of high school but hey better late then never. I tried college for a year and it's just not what I wanna do. I belong in the beauty industry!! lol
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Did you go to beauty school and did you like it?

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