Mini Sallys Haul & CrackleGlaze Collection

So this past weekend I went over my cousins house to sleepover and I ended up leaving my Queen Helene Mint Julep Natural Face Scrub, which is by the way one of my favorite products of all time!!!! I was so sad cause I don't know when I'll be over again so I decided to just go grab another one at Sally. I really love Mint Julep but I decided to try a different one this time, so I picked the Refining Pomegranate & Raspberry Natural Facial Scrub. OMG I think this one will be me new favorite because it smells so unbelievably good!! I like to use these every night because it leaves my face feeling so soft and lately my acne hasn't been as bad as usual. I have a small facial routine but I am in search of some other products to try and add to my day & night facial routine. Anyways, I decided to also pick up a good top coat and it was buy Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat get Seche Clear Base Coat free, so I grabbed those. I haven't seen any reviews on this brand so hopefully they work pretty well. We shall see =]

But the really best part of this post is my new nail polishes!! I just recently found out that China Glaze has a new line of crackle polishes called Crackleglaze. I was so excited and I love crackle polish so much that I hopped on that second to order all the colors (except black because I have Black Shatter by OPI already) but unfortunately they were all sold out. My mom had also said that out local Ulta store was also sold out of almost every color. I figured that Sally would have it so I was gonna wait but then I remembered that Amazon sells almost everything so I logged on and BAM!! There was the whole collection for $37 and I had some credit left over so I only paid $27!! I was so happy because I got all 6 colors for an AWESOME deal, at regular price it would have been around $39 for the whole collection (around $30 at Sally this week because China Glaze is 2 for $10 right now). So I am suppa happy that I got it all at a good deal. The colors include (left to right) Cracked Concrete, Lightning Bolt, Fault Line, Crushed Candy, Broken Hearted, and Black Mesh. I used Black Mesh today so I'll be posting a nail look soon, and I will be using these all in the up coming weeks, maybe I'll paint some friends nails so I can get the swatches up earlier for you all. 

What do you think of the new Crackleglaze line and what are your fave facial products??   

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