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So I recently came up with an idea that I am really excited to be sharing with you guys! Since my blog is called the Lip Gloss Agenda I am going to be doing a lip gloss/lipstick series called the Lip N' Gloss Diaries. Each Monday I will do a review on a special lip gloss/lipstick that I'm loving at the moment, sometimes it will be a lipstick and lip gloss combination. I'm so excited to start this series and can't wait to tell y'all about all the great lip glosses and lipsticks out there. Have a lip gloss/lipstick suggestion or are you a company that would like me to feature your lip gloss/lipstick in this series? Contact me at

Now on to this weeks Lip N' Gloss Diaries!
mark Juice Gems
Price: $6.50
Where To Buy: mark Online Store

What It Is:
Flavored high-shine gloss.
This high-shine tinted gloss contains real fruit extract, so each shade has its own tantalizing juicy flavor.

My Opinion...

Scent: This flavor is Cherry Pop and OMG I love it! I love lip glosses that have yummy scents, and these have a fun juicy scent that will have your mouth watering. 

Shine: The shine is enough to allow others to notice that you have lip gloss on, but not the type that would blind someone if the sun was to reflect off your lips. I like my glosses to have a simple shiny glimmer, not to look like I slapped on a ton of Vaseline, and this one does the job. The consistency is also really great! It is thick but not to a point where you can't rub your lips together because it's so thick. I hate lip glosses like that! It goes on super smooth and feels great too!

Packaging: It comes in a small brown mark box that is simple yet cute. The tube is clear with a very dark brown top. It comes in a squeeze out tube, which is a huge plus! This kind of tube is my favorite because it is so easy to apply and allows you to use all of the product!!

Overall Product: Overall, I love these lip glosses!! I am very picky about my lip gloss and hate when a lip gloss is unbelievably sticky but this one is perfect for me! There are 5 yummy flavors to choose from; Juicy Raspberry, Juicy Fig, Juicy Berrylicious, Juicy Mango Tango, and Juicy Pomegranate. Mine is Cherry Pop which is not being sold on the site at the moment. I also have Juicy Fig but I can't find where I put it, so sad =[ but I will definitely be ordering all of the flavors because I really do like this product!
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What's Your Fave Lip Gloss??

Disclaimer: This product was given to me as a gift.
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