Success Is The Only Option.

Oh how I can't wait to start school! I have been going through so much with school and I had almost given up on going to school until I decided to look into The Art Institute Internationals. Once I talked with admissions and got a chance to find out more about the school, I fell in love. This school is perfect for me (I've been to 2 other colleges) and I'm just ready to get my future on a role. I'm majoring in Fashion Retailing and I'm so excited to start. It won't take me long to finish because it's a diploma and I really want to get my career started as soon as possible! This college is a career focused college and I really feel like this is a huge step to achieving my main goal, which is to open up my own boutique. As I add this great adventure to my agenda, I will definitely be blogging and letting you all know about this new addition to my life. I hope you are excited as I am!  
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