Guest Post: Brazilian Waxing Tips for Beginners by Cristi

Brazilian Waxing Tips for Beginners

Have you ever got a Brazilian? In my opinion women can be divided in two categories: those who have got a Brazilian and those who haven’t. Once you get one you never go back to shaving. The smoothness and the clean feeling you get cannot be compared to anything else.

Anyways, I noticed there are a lot of horror stories out there from people who got Brazilian telling everybody how painful and embarrassing, if you will, it is. I don’t quite agree with these statements so I decided to share with you a thing or two about Brazilian waxing and how you can properly prepare yourself for a Brazilian so that you minimize the discomfort.

Before we start, for those of you who don’t know, a Brazilian wax will remove all your pubic hair, back and front. So, no more hair down there, opposed to a regular Bikini wax which only takes off the sides.

Tips before a Brazilian wax

The number one and most important tip in my opinion is to make sure your hair has the right length. The recommended length is between ¼ and ½ of an inch, which is about the same length as your eyebrows. If it is shorter the wax won’t be able to stick to it, if it is longer it will hurt like heck. There are two ways get to this length: trimming or shaving and waiting 3 weeks before getting the Brazilian. If you haven’t got a Brazilian before I recommend the second option. You can also ask you cosmetician to trim your hair for you at the salon, before the waxing.

Wear something comfortable when going in for a Brazilian. The waxed area will be sensitive and itchy after the procedure so a comfy, not so tight cotton panty is definitely going to help.

Do not apply any lotions, oils, creams or any products to your pubic area before the waxing. These products might prevent the wax from adhering to the hair.

Take a pain killer. This is a common practice among many women that have a low pain threshold or that are getting their first Brazilian wax. Most cosmeticians recommend one or two pill of Ibuprofen on hour before the appointment.

Plan the waxing so that you are getting it after your period. In the next 5-10 days after your period the sensitiveness of your special area is lower.

Last but not least try to get as many details as you can from your cosmetician. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask questions. You can do it over the phone when you are making you appointment.

What to expect at the salon

Different places to it slightly different, but this is how it is usually done. You will have your own little private room, where you will have to get undressed from the waist down. The only ones in the room will be you and your cosmetician. They usually start with the back, so you will be asked to lie on one side on the bed and put your knees to your chest so the cosmetician can wax your buttocks, then you will have to lie on your back.

Most of the times they use hard wax as it is less painful. Another technique that is used to reduce the discomfort is the apply baby powder to the desired area. Powder prevents the wax from adhering to the skin and stick only to the hair.

The wax is quickly pulled off removing the hair and the process is repeated until the whole area is covered. Any hairs that might didn’t came off are removed by the cosmetician using a tweezers.

That is it. The whole thing takes around 20 minutes. For a more detailed review of the procedure you can check out my Brazilian Wax Video page.

Tips after a Brazilian wax

OK, so you had it done, now let’s see what you need to do next.

Don’t get any hot showers and avoid swimming or tanning right after the waxing. Allow at least one day or two for the skin to recover. Heat, salt and chlorine will increase the discomfort.

Don’t touch it. I know you want to see how soft it feels down there, but try not to touch the waxed area too much right after you got home. You may cause irritation, discomfort or even infection.

So, these are the most important things that I think you should be aware of before getting a Brazilian. I recommend every one to try it at least once, you have nothing to lose. Let us know how it goes!

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Cristi is a part time blogger, beauty junkie and internet addict, who recently started a Brazilian Wax website aiming to deliver valuable tips and advices for both women and men.
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