China Glaze: Dress Me Up!

So this past week as you all now from my previous post that I went shopping. Now, I am a huge lover of nail polish and lately I haven't been really able to get any new polishes but I was able to pick 3 really cute colors up this past week and all for less than 2 dollars!! I'm not going to talk about all three today. I think instead I'll just do separate post for each color.

This is the first polish I purchased at Sally for $1.60. It's China Glaze in Dress Me Up. This is apart of their Hunger Games Collection. Now I know it's summer and bright colors are mega in but I'm just really in a nude and natural colors mood. I'm not really sure why, but this color is exactly the color that I'm feeling right now. It's perfect for me!! I just love it!

What is your favorite nail trend or nail mood of the moment??
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