Lippie Lust

I have been on a journey for the past month y'all! You ask what my journey has been for?? Well for bold standout lipsticks of course! I have had an unbelievable craving for gorgeous bold lips and I have went to my local stores that carry makeup, such as Cover Girl and other well known brands, searching for bold lip sticks. But to my dismay, I could not find any such colors! As the weeks pasted, I stumbled across a few lipstick companies that specialize on bold lipsticks! I love the colors these companies have to offer and hopefully will be purchasing a few, maybe more like a dozen, colors to try out and play with. Of course not everyone is bold enough to rock most of these colors but hey, You Only Live Once! YOLO <3

Banana Milkshake. Night, Virgin, and Rude Girl
$14.99, KA'OIR

Chinchilla, Mint To Be, No She Didn't, and My Beautiful Rocket

Chlorophyll, Radiate, Strumpet, and Anime

Would You Rock Any Of These Colors??

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