Seventeen African American Beauty Special

As I sit bored at work, with no customers in sight, I decide to pass time by looking through my Oct. 2012 Seventeen Mag. I've been getting tons of letters saying "It's time to renew your Seventeen subscription!" But I just haven't really been feeling the magazine lately. Maybe it's just that I've out grown the teen scene magazine. I use to love to read the whole magazine from beginning to end but it really just doesn't interest me anymore. So when I do get it in the mail I just flip through the pages, mainly to look at trends but this months issue had a particular spread that definitely caught my eyes! African American Beauty Special! I personally haven't seen a spread like this in Seventeen before and am very impressed and thankful to Seventeen for putting something like this in their magazine.

Being African American, sometimes it can be a bit disappointing to look at a magazine and love a hairstyle or makeup look but know that I myself can not replicate it because my hair is much thicker than the girl in the picture. Don't get me wrong, I am VERY proud to be African American but I definitely have a love hate relationship with my hair. And looking through a magazine where most of the beauty advice is not useful to me, doesn't make it any better. I know that I am not the only girl who feels this way, so I am over joyed that Seventeen took notice of that.

Seventeen should have a spread like this every month!! Don't you agree?
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