Review: Palmer's Olive Oil Super Control Edge Control

Palmer's Olive Oil Super Control Edge Control


"This Olive Oil gel provides extra strong hold and control to tame even the most unruly edges at the temple and neck.  In addition to hold and control, this balm contains Palmer's exclusive Organi-Gro® (a blend of Sage, Nettle and Hyssop) to promote shiny hair that's healthy enough to grow strong. Provides extra hold without over-hardening. Great for creating smooth styles, updos and ponytails.Creates glossy shine on all hair types without any sticky residue."

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My Opinion 

 I've been looking for a edge control forever now because I am currently transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. So I really need something that is going to help lay my new growth down when I wear it in ponytails and also for when I'm blending my extensions. There are a lot of different edge controls out there and that actually makes my search for the perfect edge control really tough and a bit irritating. Palmer's Olive Oil Super Control Edge Control is the first edge control that I wanted to give a try, basically because it is well known and easy to get. It is available at most stores that carry hair products. I've used pretty much the whole jar, simply because I wanted to get my moneys worth. With that being said, it really didn't amaze me in anyway and although it did lay my hair down somewhat, I think I'll continue my search. 


The jar is nice and small and will fit anywhere from your medicine cabinet to your purse. Easy to open screw off top and the product fills the whole container. Net WT. 64g/2.25 oz.

Product Hold

 Like I said above, it does lay my hair down but my new growth is very curly and this product just brings out my waves when slicked down. I want something that is going to lay my new growth down nice and slick with no curl in site, and this just doesn't do the trick. I also noticed that I have little bits of curls that stick out as the day goes by and it doesn't lay the hair on the back of my neck hair line (aka my kitchen) down. I've had people claim that it gives off a white flaky residue throughout the day but I personally did not experience that. I honestly will only use this to blend my hair when I wear curly extensions because it brings out my curls but other than that it just isn't what I'm looking for. 


This product is a gel. It is very thick and you have to be careful of how much you use in one place because it does build up on the hair. If you put to much in one spot, you'll look like you have a shiny gel patch so do apply this evenly on the hair line. Also, it does not make your hair hard but it does give it a sort of waxy feel at the end of the day. I use it when it's close to time to wash my hair. 


The smell is actually kind of hard to describe. It does have a strong smell but not strong enough that people on the street can smell you walking by. It has kind of a small smell of chemical but smells like a hair product, I don't know if I'm explaining that clearly. The smell doesn't stink to me, and is definitely bearable and unnoticeable. 


If you have curly hair and don't mind it not slicking down straight than you may like this product. If you have relaxed or straight hair, this product may also work for you. If you want to tame your new growth and slick your edges down nice and straight than I don't recommend this product. Over all, I'll give this product 3 stars. 

Thanks for reading!! Have a great Friday y'all!!
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