On The Agenda: Apps With Ali MOA Event

This weekend I attended the Apps With Ali Event at the Mall of America hosted by Ali Shops. There were lots of fancy appetizers and drinks from FireLake Grill at Radisson Blue MOA, which I really didn't partake of since I'm prego. Most of the apps were raw or just didn't look very appealing to me. There were lots of fun things being offered like hairstyles by Blast Blow Dry Bar and Aveda was there doing beauty treatments. It was a very nice event but being prego makes it hard to enjoy things like this for the moment simple because I'm tired, sore, and my feet start feeling like they are about to fall off if I stand to long! So we didn't stay long but I was glad that I got to at  least attend the this great event!

~ What I Wore ~
Sweater Dress From Macys
Cheetah Print Leggings From Love Culture
Combat Boots From Charlotte Russe
Earrings From Target
Handbag From Just Fab

What Did You Do This Weekend?

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