On The Agenda - Sigma Beauty Pre-Launch Party

This past weekend Sigma Beauty had a Pre - Launch Party for their new Limited Edition Creme De Couture Collection at their location in the Mall of America. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend because I was just too sore (I had a baby 6 weeks ago and still am in pain from my episiotomy, is that  normal?) I was able to snap a few picture of the product display though and I have to say, at first I wasn't moved by the collection from the online pictures and wasn't in a hurry to add it to my makeup collection but when I saw it in person I definitely had a change of heart! The colors in the palette are so vibrant and beautiful! I wanted it so bad but I'm on a budget and I only allowed myself to bring $20 to the mall so that I would not buy anything. Well it worked cause I obviously didn't have enough to purchase the palette and even though I could have bought just a single eyeshadow from their full line or even a Creme De Couture Blush I decided to use self control and not buy anything. Yay for self control!!! Lol even though I LOVE the colors in this palette I still am in no hurry to add this to my makeup collection. I really don't need any more makeup at the moment. Oh we'll, maybe later. Lol

Creme De Couture Launches Sept 13, 2013
Are you going to purchase this collection?  
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