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I'm so ready for winter to be over y'all!! Currently the temperature is -13 degrees. Yes you read that right, -13 degrees. We have had schools shut down 5 days this month because of dangerously cold windchills. I'm just so fed up with this cold!! When it hits 30 degrees everybody is out like "woohoo it's warm!" Lol Yes us MN folk think 30 degrees is warm. I watch tv and people in other states are all like "oh my gosh it's so cold it's 43 degrees out!!" How about you come up north and get a taste of this -43 degree weather and then we can talk! Haha I WISH it was 43 degrees right now!! I know I sound crazy to people who aren't use to 50 degrees and under but I promise if you lived here you would love anything over 10 degrees right now lol 40 degrees would feel like summer to you HAHAHA!

All this cold weather has had me looking for anything to remind me that spring isn't too far away, so yesterday I was looking at cute baby clothes for my daughter. This will be her first full summer and she will be 1!! I can't wait to dress her all cute in summer dresses and sandals! 

Is anyone else in love with Baby Gap!! I fell in love with so much on their site and I will definitely be getting a few things for my daughters summer wardrobe. Here's some of my favorite outfit picks.

Cable Knit Sweater $29.95 | Print Legging Jeans $29.95 | Suede Boots $34.95

Since its still winter I had to throw this cute sweater and boot combo in the mix. I just love the combination and how unique it is. My babies gotta have style too!

Denim Overalls $36.95 | Dots & Stripes T $16.95 | Printed Slip-On Sneakers $24.95

This is more of a transition outfit, for those 40 to 50 degrees days. I love the overalls and yellow Vans style shoes!

Striped T-Shirt Dress $19.95 | Sailboat Dress $39.95 | Peplum Sweater Dress $44.95

Omg I saw these dresses and just couldn't contain myself!! How cute are they?! Espesially the peplum dress! Such a classy little lady my daughter will be :)

Leopard Peplum One-Piece $24.95 | Bow Jelly Sandals $12.95 | Printed Bow Headband $12.95

OK I just can't with this swimsuit!! Its so freaking cute!! Haha! This is definitely coming home to mommy! Hmmm maybe we'll have a swimming pool party for her birthday. She will look totes adorbs in this little swimsuit.

I know not everyone agrees with dressing babies in trendy clothes because they look "grown" but I personally don't think anything is wrong with trendy baby clothes. I love baby fashionistas, kids are innocent and a cute peplum dress is just as innocent.

Let me know how you feel about trendy baby clothing in the comments below. Should babies be trendy or should they stick to Disney princesses and dinosaurs?
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