MAC Playland Lipstick Swatches | Playland, Toying Around, & Red Balloon

I wish I was rich...

Seriously, lol. 

Today, MAC's Playland Collection launched in store and I made it my mission to get my daughter up early and  dressed so we could be at Macys MAC counter right at open. I stayed up late last night and early this morning stalking instagram looking at swatches of this collection and trying to figure out which pieces I wanted to add to my overflowing lipstick drawer. When I finally got to swatch everything I sat there wishing I could just buy the whole collection because I am so in love with every product!! It was so hard to stick to my $50 budget but I managed to pick these 3 lipsticks to take home. 

playland, toying around, red balloon

 playland, toying around, red balloon

Playland - Honestly when pictures first released of Playland I was totally against a yellow lipstick. I've tried a yellow lipstick before and it just doesn't go right with my skin tone. I'm yellow, and yellow on yellow just doesn't work for me. After my research/stalking on instagram I had a serious change of heart and just had to get it. This yellow has more of a gold tone to it and I saw this look on instagram by bambybecky and I love how she outlined with a coral orange-y color then put playland in the middle. I will definitely be trying that lip combo out! I think there is so much potential to this lipstick and so many amazing ways to rock it!

Toying Around - This lipstick was one of the first lipsticks I knew I wanted to have when I first saw swatches on Temptalia. As most beauty enthusiast know, orange lips are definitely in this spring, so it would basically be wrong if I didn't get this lippie. Lol

Red Balloon - Out of all the lippies I bought, Red Balloon is my favorite. It is also one that I knew I needed in my life. It is very similar to MAC Impassioned Lipstick, which I love. I was actually pretty surprised at how bright it is. I thought it was more of a mauve color, needless to say I'm extremely happy with the way it looks on me.

Of course my daughter had to get something too. I think she enjoyed our mini shopping day! Haha =]

Did you love this collection? Yay or Nay.
 What all did you buy? Tell me below =]

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