Michael Kors Outlet Haul

Yall I've got a new boo. His name is Michael, Michael Kors.

I don't know what it is but I'm just so in love with MK Bags. They are just so classy and lady like! I recently also just purchased 3 other MK items so you could say I'm building up my collection. I went to the Michael Kors Outlet and man I wish I would have got my other bags from the outlet store because they had so many great deals. I decided to pick up a cross-body and small zip wallet because my other bags are big totes and I wanted something small that I could just throw on when running to the store or going to the gym and of course you need a small wallet to go inside the cross-body. Lol I definitely will be back soon to add a few more to my collection. I'm really wanting a Jet Set Logo Tote in brown and vanilla hehe :)

What Are Your Favorite Designer Handbags? 
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