All I Want For Christmas...

OMG Yall, Christmas is only 2 days away and I'm just so excited! 
Every year both my parents sides of the family host Christmas parties, 
one on Christmas Eve and the other on Christmas. 
Personally I don't really expect to get much for Christmas, 
especially since I now have a child of my own but mama can want a few things too! 
So here's a few of the things I'm hoping I get as gifts!

 Sigma Beauty Ethereal Radiance Collection

I've been seeing a few people on Instagram post swatches of the different pieces in this collection and I'd have to say that I am so in love with a few of the lip glosses and glitters/pigments! I am a sucker for that iridescent look in my cosmetics and the lip glosses in this collection have the iridescent type of effect. I really want Transcend, Pink Lotus, and Double Whammy. These glosses run for about $14 each!  I also really want the Loose Shimmer and Glitter Set in Ice Castle in the Sky. The sets run for about $30!
Lorac Pro Palette
I know, I know. This palette is super old and there is a Lorac Pro 2 Palette and even a Lorac Mega Pro Palette but I don't have any of them. I've always wanted to get it but then something else comes out and I decide to get that instead or I just decide that 3 Mac Lipsticks would be better to spend my money on haha. I'm always finding an excuse as to why to buy something else but this year I'm really hoping to finally get my hands on this bad boy! There are 16 eye shadows and you get a deluxe size sample of their Behind the Scenes Eye Primer. For only $42 you really are getting a great palette, especially being that some of the other palettes out there are $50+ and have less shadows. 

Gift Cards

Yea I know, asking for gift cards is so blah, but I really am in need of some new clothes y'all! I mean you can never go wrong with a gift card and especially if you don't really know what to get someone or what they like. A gift card is perfect!  Plus I love to shop so a gift card really is the best gift to get me haha. I specifically am hoping for some clothing store gift cards because I really would like to add a few cute pieces to my wardrobe, and I really am wanting to start doing outfit of the days and maybe some look-books every now and again so of course that's another reason as why I need new clothes! lol

Jordan 11s "Legend Blue" 

So I'm really not a huge fan of Jordans, I mean they're cool and all but I've never really been one to trip over them. Even though I'm not a Jordan Junkie, I am a sneaker lover.   (I use to own over 20 pairs of sneakers in high school) 
When I saw these babies earlier in the year I just knew I wanted to get them for my daughter and myself, so this past Saturday my brother grab a pair for the both of us! 

Jet Set Logo Tote

This really is more of wishful thinking haha. I have a few MK bags already but you can never have too many right lol  I think the MK logo all over the bag is just so cute!
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