4 Ways To Make A Boring Day At Home Fun!

Do you ever have one of those days where there is absolutely nothing to do?
I don't drive so we normally ride the bus or walk places but on days when its raining or way to hot to be outside, movie marathons that really are just us watching something over and over again all day, is how we end up passing the day by. Obviously this really isn't the best way to spend any day, so I made it a mission to start finding other things to do with Pumpkin other than just watching tv.

Here are 4 simple fun things we do on a boring day...

Number 1 - Painting and Coloring
Pumpkin definitely has my creative gene in her, she LOVES arts & crafts. There are so many places to go online to print out coloring sheets, the options are endless! Pumpkin loves Barbies so I found some really cute coloring sheets here for her to color and paint! I think that the key to making this activity last long, is to make sure you participate. Coloring/painting is actually pretty therapeutic so I personally enjoy doing this with Pumpkin.

Number 2 - Toy Time
Ok so this is an obvious one, but it seems like sometimes kids forget they have a room full of toys. Pumpkin rarely played with all of the amazing toys she had until I started coming in her room and showing her "oh look at this, it looks cool lets play together" and now she plays with them ALL the time! So be sure to "remind" your kids of all the cool amazing things to do that are just sitting waiting to be played with!

Number 3 - Reading Time
Pumpkin has loved to read ever since she learned how to turn the pages. It is one of her favorite things to do and she does it all by herself! Fortunately I live in apartments that are connected to a daycare and we are allowed to use their little library during non business hours. So this is a great way for us to get out of the house without actually having to go outside. Obviously this luxury isn't available to everyone so another thing is to create a cute little reading nook. I actually really want to create a reading nook for Pumpkin and the new baby because reading books is so much more fun when you can do it in your own little cozy area. All you need is a place to put your books such as this, and big pillows and stuff animals and maybe even a fun carpet like this or even a warm blanket! If you go on google and search images for reading nooks, you'll find tons of cute inspiration! 

Number 4 - Get Up And Run!
Ok so this 4th suggestion is definitely a limited one for many, like I mentioned above, there is a daycare connected to my apartments and we are allowed to use certain parts of the daycare during non business hours. We have something called "The Muscle Room". This is the PERFECT place for Pumpkin to come and run out all the energy she has running through her tiny body! An alternative would be if you live in an apartment with a playground or open yard for the kids to run. I grew up in a home with a basement where we would keep big toys and balls, so if you have the space in your basement that would be a great place to make into a "jungle gym" area! If all else fails, I sometimes let Pumpkin grab her stroller or little car and we walk through our apartment hallways. You just have to be creative!

What are your favorite things to do with your kid/s on a boring day? No kids, what was your favorite thing to do growing up on boring days?

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