Adventures of the Night Time Potty

Ok so I have to admit, my daughter has been potty trained for a while now. I don't remember exactly when we did it because I basically just woke up one day and said "Ok time to wear panties!" Haha I know that it was probably in February or March because I found out I was pregnant in February and decided that I would not be buying diapers for 2 children.
People ask me all the time "Girl how'd you get her potty trained?!" And I really can't help them because fortunately potty training was not hard at all, she was totally ready. Like I said, I woke up one day and put panties on her and she pee'd in them a couple times and didn't like the feeling and she hasn't been in diapers since. So I was very very thankful that she "just got it" with the whole potty thing. I mean since wearing panties of course she's had an accident here or there because she didn't want to stop playing or something but she rarely has accidents now.
"Girl how'd you get her potty trained?!"
I will say though that pooping in the potty took a week or two for her to get. She would poop in her panties and I would have to run her to the bathroom every time I saw her make her poo poo face. Eventually she realized that mommy was not happy at all cleaning poo poo out her panties she started telling me when she had poo poo and she figured it all out! Thank the Lord because the daycare was pissing me off sending me bags full of poo poo underwear, can you believe they actually did that like rolled up in a little bag was her panties and poo poo. Y'all know I was HOTT!! Especially being that it was my first trimester and everything grossed me out! Haha.

Now when it came to night time, we changed from diapers to pull ups just because honestly I was being lazy and didn't want to deal with pee pee in my bed (yes she still sleeps in my bed..) so I just decided that I would tackle bed time training later.

Well later has finally came. Again it was a very spontaneous choice haha. Ok well maybe not, we ran out of pull-ups and she kind of had to sleep without the pull-up lol So we've been at it for about a week now.

I've cut out all night time drinks, which is hard because she likes to keep a glass of water to drink but I know that was causing her to pee a ton a night. So that's done. Instead she can have a little water about 30 minutes before bedtime (9:30 pm) and then she has to go pee on the potty before we get in the bed. So fat she stays dry the majority of the night, but ends up peeing a little sometime in early morning after maybe 6 or something because she's dry when I check her at 6 am. And it's only a small amount cause technically she hasn't wet the bed at all only her panties. We wake at about 8 am and we run to the bathroom as soon as she opens her eyes. I think she's a morning person because most of the time I'm the one having a hard time getting out of bed and she's up saying "Mommy the sun wake up COME ON!" Haha.

Another thing I do since she is in my bed still (big girl bed is the next adventure we will be taking) is I get a twin sized blanket from the closet and fold it once the hamburger way (haha) and lay it on her side. She is not to sleep any wear but her side which is of course a struggle since toddlers like to run marathons in their sleep and end up laying on your feet lol but we have managed to keep her on her blanket. I do this so that if she does pee, I won't wake up in her puddle of pee. Definitely don't want to wake up in a wet bed. So far this working extremely well. Like I stated above she manages to not pee a lot which means it doesn't even get on the blanket so no extra blankets to wash (woohoo!!).

Someone was not very happy to have to take pictures in the middle of her movie lol

So far, today is the first day she has woke up entirely dry (YAY!!!) so she's definitely working on it. I definitely will be doing a bedtime potty chart and giving stickers every time she wakes up dry. And after so many times she'll get a prize of some sort. Hopefully this also helps her to be motivated to stay dry (can a 3 year old be motivated to do something?? Lol) 

I'm sure I'll add more things to helping her learn how to stay dry so I'll definitely come back with and update and anything new I try. 

How long did it take for you to potty train your child at night and what advice would you give to a first time mommy at succeeding in this new adventure!! Let me know below!
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