American Girl Bistro | Celebrating Pumpkin's 3rd Birthday

When I was 9 years old, my grandma gave me the best gift a little girl could ever want, an American Girl Doll. I remember looking through the catalogs and seeing all the cute little things you could buy for your doll from bedroom sets to a variety of fashionable clothes for you and your doll!
Everyone knows that American Girl Dolls aren't cheap and neither are their accessories but a girl could dream. As I grew older, my love for American Girl never went away, and I dreamed of the day I could give my daughter her doll and relive all those child memories with her. When I found out I was pregnant with my first girl, buying her own doll was something I looked extremely forward to. So much that even though the recommended age for Bitty Baby is 3+, I bought her one for her second birthday!

By the time American Girl opened a store at MOA, I was in high school and way past the age of baby dolls, so I never got to experience the store as a young girl with my doll, but now that I have my daughter I can experience it with her! For Pumpkin's 3rd birthday I decided that she (and myself of course) would love to celebrate at the American Girl Bistro. I called my mom and told her the plans and the 3 of us had a lovely birthday lunch there.

When you first enter the bistro, you see a super cute restaurant with pink everywhere and little girls with their dolls. Before you are seated, you grab a chair for your doll which fits perfectly on the table and if you don't have an American Doll, you can borrow a doll to sit with you! I was very intrigued by this because I was wondering about the girls who don't have dolls but still want the experience, so I think its amazing that any little girl can come and have the American Girl experience even if they can't afford a doll.

The tables are set so cute and each napkin is wrapped in a cute bow, which actually is a hair tie that you get to keep! Your doll gets a cute mug and saucer that you also get to take home. There is also a little card game that you can play as you wait for your food. Of course, Pumpkin just wanted to throw the cards all over the place, so we eventually took them from her after too many trips to the ground to pick them up. One thing that surprised me most, was how amazing the food was. I ordered a burger and fries and I would say it was one of the best burgers I ever tasted! My mother also agreed and loved her food too! Pumpkin ordered a mini hot dog, mini hamburger and fruit kabob.

Our waitress was also super amazing! Pumpkin is allergic to peanuts, dairy, and eggs so going to restaurants sometimes is a hassle making sure her food is prepared properly. The waitress and chefs took her allergy very seriously and were extremely cautious of preparing her food, which was highly appreciated. When your celebrating your birthday, you also receive a free Sundae which of course Pumpkin couldn't have but our waitress made sure she wasn't left out. Instead she brought out a strawberry and banana smoothie (just fruit and ice) put a candle on it and sung happy birthday to pumpkin. Over all the experience was so great and I am so happy on how amazing they treated pumpkin and how much they catered to her. I definitely will be bringing Pumpkin back!

Have you ever had your own American Girl Experience?

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