Baby Shower Inspiration

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So I'm almost 32 weeks and I've started the process of planning my baby shower. I'm super excited because I have an idea of what I want to do like the theme and color and a couple game ideas. My mom and I have been going crazy on Pinterest looking for more decor and food ideas for my baby shower so I wanted to share some of the inspiration I'm loving!
Pinterest is the best place to find inspiration for anything really so if you do, you definitely should use it as a resource when planning your baby shower or any type of party or event.

I'll definitely be doing some DIY's and who not on a few things I'm doing for my own baby shower so stay tuned! Also, feel free to go follow my Baby Shower Inspiration Board!

Here's a few post I'm loving for Baby Shower Inspiration!

Source - CatchMyParty

I really love this photo backdrop! I think this would be super fun to do and great way to remember this special day!!

Source - CatchMyParty

Source - TwoTeaOwls Etsy

Source - Kara'sPartyIdeas

Source - FawnOverBaby

Where Do You Get Party Inspiration?

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