Maybelline MasterContour Palette | Demo

I found a new favorite y'all! And when I say favorite, I mean absolute favorite! Recently I have been seeing a few beauty gals on Instagram & Snapchat talking about the new Maybelline MasterContour Palette and I so I decided to go pick one up for myself. Normally I'm not the biggest fan of drugstore makeup but every now and again I like to try new products that I see get a lot of hype. Now honestly at first I thought maybe it was all just hype and that I probably would end up not liking the palette, but that changed as soon as I first used it.

The contour and highlight are amazing! They are very pigmented and go on smoothly plus the blend super easy too! The blush isn't bad at all but I like to cater my blush color to the makeup look so I don't use it every day. The blush is kind of a subtle color so its good for your simple everyday look.

Check Out The Video Below To See A Demo
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