Mani Monday: Nude-Tude

Keeping my nails cute has always been important to me, even in high school I would paint my nails during class. I should add, I went to a cosmetology high school so doing hair and nails in the middle of math class was actually very normal!
Any who, during this pregnancy I have neglected my nails so much because I just never feel like doing them anymore even though I still want to have cute nails. Going to the salon is out of the question being that I'm putting all extra money towards baby. So I've been using my high school cosmetology knowledge to keep my nails up (when I feel like it) on my own. Here I showed you how to do an at-home manicure yourself and today I'm showing off one of my very favorite nude colors in my nail polish stash! This is a perfect mani for the work place or if you don't like to wear bold colors!

Are You A Fan Of Nude Polish? If Not What's Your Favorite Color Polish To Rock?
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